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Company Name: Love Cat D Weddings and Events

Interview with: Catrina Duthie

Location / Coverage: Based near Glasgow, covering all of Scotland and beyond

What does Love Cat D Weddings and Events do?

Love Cat D Weddings and Events helps couples who want to get married or elope in Scotland plan a personal and unique celebration which reflects them as a couple. I ensure they have the wedding they always wanted but without the stress or hassle of having to plan it by themselves.

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How did Love Cat D Weddings and Events start and how long has the business been going?

The seed to become a wedding planner was planted by my then boyfriend, now husband back in 2012. I wanted to look at forging a career for myself doing something which played to all my strengths and creativity. Upon doing plenty of research and training (along with planning my own wedding in between) wedding planning ticked all my boxes.

I completed an online course which confirmed this was something I wanted to do as a career, however life had its own plans for me and I wasn’t able to pursue my dream at that time. Fast forward to 2015 and planning my own wedding, this reignited my passion to become a wedding planner. I undertook training with the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners and launched Love Cat D Weddings and Events in August 2016.

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Why are you called Love Cat D Weddings and Events?

I spend a lot of time spelling out my name in day to day life – usually it ends up noted as Katrina (or Catriona) Duffy! So I knew including my full name wasn’t the best option for my business, plus my friends and family all call me Cat anyway.

I decided to think about how else I could incorporate it into my business name but in a playful way. The idea sprang from when I sign off to those I care about in an email, card or (old-school alert) by letter, I say… ‘Love, Cat’, and that’s where the inspiration came from.

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What services can Love Cat D Weddings and Events offer to couples planning their wedding?

  • Full Wedding Planning: Assisting couples with arranging every aspect of their wedding from start to finish.
  • Final Few Weeks: Working with couples who have done the majority of their wedding planning, but in the final three months before the big day need assistance in tying up loose ends and securing any last-minute suppliers.
  • Wedding Day Management: For couples who have planned their wedding fully but want to hand over the running of their day to a professional.
  • Bespoke Service: From consultation to help couples get their wedding planning journey kick-started, or perhaps RSVP management, this service is flexible to support couples how they need.

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What packages do you offer?

We don’t offer standard packages as we appreciate each couples’ wedding is unique. We tailor our services to the needs of the couple accordingly.

Why should couples choose to use you to help them plan their big day?

One of the nicest compliments I’ve received since starting my wedding planning business was from a wedding photographer, who I got in touch with to collaborate on a styled shoot. On her blog she wrote… “You can’t help but like Cat from the minute you meet her. she is amazingly friendly and within five minutes you’ll feel like you’ve known her for years.”

This is why couples should choose me as their wedding planner. I want to get to know you – who you are, what you like, what you LOVE and what floats your boat. Through creating a relationship based on mutual trust I work closely with my couples to deliver the best wedding they could have wished for.

Bride signing marriage register as grooms looks over her shoulder

Which part of helping to plan a wedding do you enjoy the most and why?

I know it’s not everyone’s favourite part, but the organiser in me loves putting together the wedding day timeline/schedule. I love seeing all the effort and hard work coming together in preparation for the day itself. It’s very satisfying.

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Do you have a specific style of wedding that you like to help create?

I like to help my clients put a unique stamp on their day to make it significant to them. It doesn’t need to be something big, just an element of the day which doesn’t stick with tradition and is a reflection of them as a couple and what their marriage means to them. Personal and unique every time.

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What are the best and worst things about being a wedding planner?

Best thing – being there to witness something as special as two people coming together and committing to each other for the rest of their lives. I always have a few tears during the ceremony of my couples and feel honoured to be part of their special day.

Worst thing – the never-ending quest to find the perfect shoe for working the day of a wedding! I’m sure a lot of planners can relate to this one. In an ideal world, you want something which is stylish, functional and comfortable, even after being on your feet for at least 12 hours. I’ve yet to find shoes which can manage all this, all day, so suggestions are welcome!

Bridal preperations

What is your most memorable experience of planning one of your clients’ weddings?

Having to carry a vintage ice cream cart (basically a freezer on two bicycle wheels) up a flight of stairs for a couple’s evening reception. It took me, the supplier and his son, along with four staff from the venue to get it up the stairs – it was like the scene in Friends when moving the sofa. It took all our effort not to laugh as we manoeuvred it in to position saying ‘pivot!’.

Not the most conventional experience to share perhaps, but it really demonstrated to me the effort people in the wedding industry will go to to ensure their couples have the best day possible. The couple were none the wiser this had to happen as the lift was out of order.

Bride with bridesmaids

What’s your top tip for planning the perfect wedding?

Set your budget at the start of your planning and be clear on the areas most important to you as a couple. Are you into your music? If so you may want to splash out more to get the best band possible. Or perhaps you love eating out and the food you plan to serve at your wedding is a key priority. This means you can then manage your spending accordingly right from the get-go.

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Random question… Who is your idol?

Madonna. I’ve been a fan from the age of seven when my 14-year-old cousin introduced me to her, much to my mums’ concern! She is a fierce, passionate and creative woman who doesn’t shy away from calling society out for its uncomfortable truths, and I admire her for it. She’s an inspiration to not allow others to dictate who you can or can’t be and what you should or shouldn’t do. That is a powerful message.

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