Styled Wedding Shoots

Take inspiration for your own wedding from these incredible styled wedding shoots put together by top wedding stylists and professionals. Featuring beautiful bridal wear, elegant tablescapes, fabulous florals and stunning decor ideas, our features include ideas for all sorts of different wedding styles and themes, from the latest trends to timeless looks.

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2018 Round-Up – Real Weddings and Shoots

A look back at some of the most loved real weddings and styled wedding shoots featured by The Wedding Community in 2018.

Violet and Peach Wedding Styling

This violet and peach wedding styling is so pretty, and the beautiful pictures from this shoot show just how well these pastel colours complement each other.

Poldark Inspired Luxury Wedding Styling

This shoot oozes luxury and elegance, and has a wonderful Poldark-esque feel. The styling team created something spectacular with their choice of florals, dresses, stationery, tableware and cakes.

Copper and Botanical Wedding Styling

Amanda Karen’s pictures of this copper and botanical wedding styling shoot are fabulous. The colour palette of green and copper is so modern and luxurious.

Urban Watercolour Wedding Styling

The wedding styling ideas in this sensational urban watercolour shoot evoke a feeling of calm and tranquillity amongst the hustle and bustle of the city setting.

Still Nature Styled Wedding Shoot

The natural elements of the beautiful woodland set the scene for this wonderful ‘Still Nature’ wedding inspiration with the simple yet chic styling.

Wabi-Sabi Wedding Inspiration

This fabulous wabi-sabi inspired styled wedding shoot really shows that not everything in life, and in weddings, has to be perfect.

Bright, Colourful Elopement Inspiration

This elopement inspiration shoot has been beautifully styled with an amazing array of colour. The flowers in bright yellow, orange, pink and green are one of our favourite summer colour palettes.

Wedding Grazing Station Ideas

An incredible inspiration shoot showing four amazing ideas for wedding grazing stations. The styling of each station is so pretty, and is very fitting with each type of food.

Blush and Grey Wedding Table Styling

Blush and grey work so well together. The combination is a popular colour palette for weddings as it not only looks beautiful, it works for all seasons.

Moody Hues Wedding Styling

This bold, dramatic, ‘moody hues’ wedding styling is fabulous and creates a wedding look that really stands out from the crowd.

Feathers and Foraging Wedding Styling

Brides planning an elegant country house wedding will love these feathers and foraging styling ideas, with deep plum tones, purples and rich evergreens giving warmth to the shoot.

Kate Spade Inspired Wedding Styling

The bold black and white stripes, vibrant colours and luxurious gold of this Kate Spade inspired wedding styling make the perfect combination for a sophisticated, chic wedding.