Groomswear Tips

It's not just the bride who wants to look her best on the wedding day. Our groomswear tips include top advice on choosing wedding suit styles, colours and coordinating accessories for the groom and his groomsmen so the men at your wedding look and feel great too.

Tweed Groomswear

Tweed is a classic fabric that never fails to impress, and stunning tweed check is definitely the most on-trend groomswear look for weddings.

Mismatching Groomswear

When mismatching groomswear you can be as creative or as subtle as you like, and don’t be afraid to mix and match your colour and fabric choices.

Choosing Your Wedding Waistcoat

A quick look at what to consider when choosing your wedding waistcoat, including the quality and type of material, style, pattern and colour.

Wedding Highland Wear

Scottish highland wear is still going strong at weddings, and the popularity of tartan, kilts and highland wear is no longer simply a Scottish look.

Choosing Your Wedding Suit Colour

The are a number of factors that can affect your choice of wedding suit colour, such as your features, the wedding colour scheme, and even your personality.

Should You Wear a Kilt to Your Wedding?

Scottish guy marrying English gal in England; what to wear? Kilt wedding outfits can look amazing if you take into account the whole wedding party look and colour scheme.

Groomswear on a Budget

Does groomswear on a budget mean you have to choose cheap quality suits to keep costs down, have less groomsmen, or make do with Uncle Ted’s hand-me-downs?

Choosing Your Pageboy’s Outfit

A pageboy’s outfit is usually decided by what the grown-ups are wearing, their age, or their actual role, and a well-dressed pageboy will steal the show.

Choosing Your Wedding Neckwear

Cravat, tie, bow tie…? The colour of the groomsmen’s neckwear is normally easy, the tricky bit is the age old ‘the groom has to stand out’ dilemma.

A Guide to Coordinating Groomswear

When coordinating groomswear, how do you distinguish a groom from his best man, his best man from the ushers, and the groomsmen from guests?

Funky Formal Attire

Can formal attire be ‘funky’? Yes it can. The problem with formal wear is just that – it is formal. So how do you modernise or ‘funk’ up this sort of thing?

Why Wear a Waistcoat?

A waistcoat is a garment that will definitely enhance any outfit, and will also ensure that whatever you choose looks less like an everyday outfit.

A Guide to Made to Measure Suits

A made to measure suit is a garment that made individually for you. Here we look at some of the things to consider and the process of buying a made to measure suit.

Groom Suits for a Civil Partnership

When choosing a suit for your civil partnership you should let your individual style shine through, and a well made suit can really boost your confidence.

What is Formal Wear?

We all have our own opinions as to what is casual, smart or indeed formal wear. Stephen Bishop explains what the term ‘formal wear’ means to him.

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