Relationship Advice

Planning your wedding should be fun, but it can also be a very stressful time. Our relationship advice will help you ensure your relationship stays happy and strong before and after your wedding day, not just with your partner but with your family too, and also looks at how you can deal with some of the dilemmas that may arise.

Paper First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Reaching a one year milestone is always a very momentous and moving moment. Here are some paper-inspired gift ideas to celebrate a first wedding anniversary.

Maintaining a Rut-Free Marriage

When a marriage gets into a rut there’s rarely intimacy. However, ruts don’t happen overnight, and there will be warning signs.

Dealing with Pre-Wedding Nerves

Chances are you will experience pre-wedding nerves, and to what degree they affect you will depend on the type of person you are.

Learning the Art of Compromise

Compromise forms the building block upon which the foundations of a relationship are built. It is a fundamental, core attribute that every relationship requires to be successful.

Conversation is Key

When a couple have nothing to say to each other they could be heading towards serious relationship problems. But how do you keep the conversation flowing?

Resolving Your Differences

You and your partner may well have differing opinions on all sorts of issues – and that is how it should be – but there is no point in leaving any issues that are bothering you unresolved.

Marriage and Cultural Differences

Getting married may not only mean a new life for you, but you may also be entering into a different family tradition with new cultural expectations.

Coming Out of Your Comfort Zone

Being engaged to be married can bring new about perspectives, and the changes in your life can bring you out of your comfort zone.

The Key to a Healthy Relationship

Balancing togetherness and individuality is undoubtedly the key to a healthy relationship. Manage your need for time together as well as time apart.

Marriage and the New You

The acceptance of a marriage proposal can bring about a new ‘you’ – whether you are the bride, or the groom.

Announcing Your Engagement

When announcing your engagement you need to be sensitive to other people’s feelings, and choosing the right moment to break the happy news is important.