Wedding Styling Tips

Styling your wedding day can be so much more than just a colour scheme, but how do you create a wedding that screams 'you'? Our wedding styling tips look at all sorts of different wedding styles, themes and trends to give you ideas, plus we have advice on styling different parts of your day and areas around your venue.

Using Confetti to Incorporate 2019 Trends into Your Wedding

These top tips share a number of ways you can use confetti to incorporate some of the 2019 wedding styling trends into your big day.

2019 Wedding Styling Trends

From weddings full of colour to eco-friendly celebrations, the predicted 2019 wedding styling trends will make it a sensational year to marry!

Modern Art Wedding Styling

A modern art wedding theme allows you to experiment with patterns, colour and texture, meaning you can splash your personality all over your big day.

Botanical Wedding Styling Ideas

Styling a botanical wedding really gives you the space and opportunity to get creative, and is the perfect way of creating fresh, clean wedding styling.

Warehouse Wedding Styling Ideas

Warehouses offer a gritty location for your wedding, and a blank canvas space where you can really express your personality and individual style.

2018 Wedding Styling Trends

The whole wedding industry is buzzing about what’s to come in 2018. Lindsey Hunter predicts what the hot wedding styling trends will be in 2018.

Copper Wedding Styling

Copper wedding styling is the perfect match for style-conscious couples who want to make a modern statement on their big day.

Christmas Wedding Styling Ideas

Many couples prefer the magic of a wedding in the colder months, especially around Christmas. Here are some ideas for wonderful Christmas wedding styling.

Wheat Wedding Styling Ideas

Wheat looks beautiful and is extremely versatile too. Shropshire Petals shares five wheat wedding styling ideas for your big day.

Fairytale Wedding Lighting Ideas

Lighting adds softness, romance and interest to your wedding styling. Enhance the atmosphere on your big day with these top fairytale wedding lighting ideas.

Tipi Wedding Styling Ideas

Tipis are perfect for creating a dramatic, yet peaceful wedding. You can style them however you wish, but here some tipi wedding styling ideas to inspire you.

Boho Luxe Wedding Styling Ideas

Lots of nature, rustic details and free spirit, boho luxe wedding styling is perfect for showing off your personality in a relaxed setting.

Hygge Wedding Styling Ideas

Hygge wedding styling is a huge trend at the moment. Adding natural items to your wedding is a great way to incorporate the theme throughout your day.

10 Wedding Ceremony Backdrop Ideas

The easiest way is to make your ceremony space more personal and in-keeping with the rest of your wedding day is to create a focal point with a stylish and cool backdrop.

Vintage Wedding Styling Ideas

When done right, vintage weddings can look spectacular. Here are my top vintage wedding styling ideas to make your wedding just as wonderful as you had imagined.

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